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boom clap the sound of my ass

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do you ever

do you ever just have

that one class

that one freaking class

that just depresses you when you think about it because

oh god you hate it so much

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Cute DCI Care Package Ideas:


-said person’s favorite snack/candy
-a nice note
-a good book
-sunscreen (there’s no such thing as too much sunscreen)
-a movie for the bus
-glowsticks (for bus parties duh)
-aloe (again… sunscreen)
-cute photos of you and said person
-their favorite magazine
-a stuffed bear (for those cold and lonely nights on the bus)
-flip flops
-earplugs (if they sit on the drum bus)
**care packages are especially appreciated during swamp tour**

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ugh I’m horny.

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Rap’s not really my thing but when classic rock fans shit on it cos it “is only about sex and drugs”
have you ever listened to classic rock

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Ask me about my body. (¬‿¬)

  • Hair:What hair color looks best on you and what's your natural color?
  • Skin:Do you tan easily?
  • Eyes:What is your favorite show to watch?
  • Nose:What is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance?
  • Mouth:Do you want to kiss anyone right now?
  • Tongue:What was in your last meal?
  • Windpipe:Do you sing?
  • Neck:Do you wear necklaces?
  • Ears:How many piercings do you have (if any)?
  • Cheeks:Do you blush easily?
  • Wrists:Have you ever broken a bone?
  • Hands:Are you an artist/writer?
  • Fingers:Do you play an instrument?
  • Heart:Are you in love? If so, does the one you love know?
  • Lungs:Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Chest:Are your maternal/parental instincts strong?
  • Stomach:Do you feel confident in your body image?
  • Back:Are you a virgin?
  • Hips:Do you like to dance?
  • Thighs:Has anyone ever called you fat or ugly?
  • Knees:Have you ever cheated on someone?
  • Ankles:Have you ever been arrested?
  • Feet:Favorite pair of shoes?
  • Brain:Anything you want to ask
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